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The mystical branch of Islam, Sufism is an experience of the closeness of God. It is less of a belief system and more a quest for finding the true identity. The identity which is in harmony with all that exists, known and unknown and this deep personality is beyond the superficial and worldly personality as it is capable of love, creativity, awareness, reason. Sufism claims the universality and unity of all beings with God. The Sufi tradition provided rich literature that is read throughout the world and is considered best.
Sufism is believed to have started in seventh century A.D. The word Sufism is derived from two Arabic words “Saf” and “Suf”.The word safe means carpet. Because devoted Sufis used to meditate and remember God on the carpet. Therefore Sufism comes to mean that act of remembrance of God on the carpet. The Arabic word Suf means wool, the Sufi saints used to wear robes of course wool, therefore the practice came to be known as Sufism. The main objective of Sufism is the realization of unity with God. And what is needed for this ultimate realization is the intense devotion for divine and the love is the reflection of this devotion. According to Sufism, this love for divinity is expressed through three activities:

Dance of love for God
Music of love for God
The poetry of love for God.

Sufi | Sufism

Sufis were mystics, travelers, ascetics seeking to develop a personal relationship with God. Like most mystics, Sufism is not interested in intercessor or organized entity to mediate that relationship. For many Sufis, this connection between believer and Almighty takes the form of chanting, singing, dancing, poetry, and other forms of artistic expression. While the other mainstream religious people read the sacred text to find the word of God, the Sufis focus on what is beyond the word and duality and ponder over the oneness of the experiences, often something that cannot be articulated through words. So art, poetry, and music become powerful avenues to understand God’s consciousness. Sufism has pioneered this within Muslim tradition for centuries. Followers of Romi dance like whirling dervishes in a very humble and sophisticated way to depict their devotion and love for God.

Sufiana | Sufi Music

Sufi music or Sufiyana kalam is the form of devotion to God, having poetry that touches the soul to realization and remembrance of God. The lyrics are so beautiful and delicate that a person goes in trance and then he is above this material world and somewhere in touch with God, in heights of spirituality.

Sufiana | Arifana Kalam

Free production brings you the chance to indulge yourself in mystic experience. The words of sufiana, arifana kalam are inspired by the poetry of Sufi poets like Romi, Bulleh Shah, Hafiz, Amir Khosrow, Khawaja Ghulam Farid. Select your favorite sofi kalam from the playlist and feel the lyrics and voice of renowned sufi singers.

Sufiana | Arifana

Fsee production demands no registration fee, you can listen and download any sufiana, arifana, or dirvesh kalam without paying a single penny. The soulful and devotional rhythm and words relax the soul and you enter a whole new world, where anxieties, depression, and all worldly issues are left behind. There is a strong feeling of divine connection that appears when you start understanding and absorbing the kalam written by the great and devotional mystic poets. The voice of contemporary and young artists has blended the Sufi kalam with a modern touch which compels the listener to think about the divinity and his lost relation with Him. This entertaining website will take you into a whole new level of trans. The vast collection of sufiana kalam gives a wide range of choices to select. So grab earphones and get ready for a mystical journey.

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