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On the off chance that artists and composers are not paid for their inventiveness or creativity, they will quit composing, recording and performing new music. This will be a misfortune to each and every individual who utilizes and appreciates music so kindly don't take it or use it in an unapproved way.


These terms and conditions oversee your utilization of our site.
By using our site, you acknowledge these Terms and Conditions in full; in like manner, on the off chance that you can't help contradicting these Terms and Conditions or any piece of these terms and conditions, you should not use our site.
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The Fsee Production is an online assistance for the business advertisement. Known as The iTunes for the expert market producing and delivering highly high-quality sound records (44.1 kHz, stereo, uncompressed WAV files). It empowers telecasters, production organizations, promoting offices, game developers and different clients in the export market to inquire about the tryout and download music for use in the creation or other authorized help. For the shirking of uncertainty, the accounts and melodic works downloaded from this site/service can't be utilized for ambient (background) music or jukebox service without earlier written agreement from Fsee Production. The copyrights in the sound recordings and musical works are authorized and the getting client isn't allowed to duplicate or recreate these copyrights.
In the event that you utilize the Fsee Production service, you are assuming to bound lawfully through the terms delineated in these terms. Fsee Production maintains whatever authority is needed to change these terms whenever and by utilizing the service you consent to be lawfully limited by whichever adaptation of these terms is then in power, so please check the terms them consistently.
The beneficiary, the user must have the technical ability to get and play the services. This will incorporate yet isn't constrained to, speakers, email address, flash, and a well known and late web program. The prerequisites may change every now and then as innovation changes and these changes will be shown on the front page.

Conditions of use

This record (the agreement) is a lawfully official agreement among you and Fsee Production ("FP") that oversees your utilization of their application and online service. It would be ideal if you note that you should read and consent to the terms and conditions of this Agreement before you utilize the Fsee Production services. In the event that you don't consent to the terms and conditions of the Agreement, you may NOT utilize the Fsee Production application or services.

Contract information

By ticking the "I agree" box application (counting however not constrained to the on-line access to the FP site) you affirm that you are 18 years old or more, that you are resident of one of the countries where FP gives its services, that any enlistment data that you submit to FP is valid, precise and complete, that you will refresh or update such data so as to keep it current, and that you consent to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the FP Privacy Policy.

Grant of license

FP permits you a constrained, non-exclusive, revocable permission to utilize the FP service to utilize the music for an authorized public performance or broadcast. This incorporates (however not constrained to) TV, radio and FP broadcast, corporate promotional/security or training video, and interactive media mediums in which the music has been authorized for that reason and that it is considered by FP to be an open exhibition. It is the obligation of the client and his/her associated organization who is transmitting the music to guarantee they/it has the fundamental licenses for both the musical work and the sound recording. You don't reserve the privilege to utilize this service for individual use and nor do you reserve the option to move or sub-permit your privileges under this Agreement.
This service does exclude licenses for a resulting recording or synchronization of the music or the broadcast or correspondence to the general population of the works or recordings.
For additional information regarding licensing, click here: Licensing

The license of FP Service

By ticking the "I agree" box you consent to pay the expense for the FP service as per the costs shown on the FP site (as changed every once in a while) and as per FP's standard invoicing procedures. All costs are availed on the FP site are exclusive of VAT and other relevant charges and taxes. The base duty time frame for access to the FP service is 3 months.
Prices and Download Inclusions
Commercial Music (including use of Production Music)
The charges to access the Commercial Music service depend on a Pay As You Go, model. Production Music is merely free. The client can purchase credits that allow tracks to be downloaded and these costs change contingent upon the quantity of tracks you resolve to purchase. The cost for a full quality uncompressed WAV document ranges from 50 pence to 70 pence relying upon volume. For value subtleties please visit the site and register. FP maintains whatever authority is needed to change the cost for the FP administration now and again.
For additional data on permitting, please click here: Licensing
Production Music Only
Clients who get to the Production Music service are not charged to download tracks with the end goal of broadcast or performance.
Restrictions of use:

For the evasion of uncertainty, you concur that you may not (without limitation):
duplicate, replicate, "tear", record, make accessible to the general population or in any case utilize any piece of the FP application/service or its substance (counting yet not restricted to tracks, pictures and content) in a way not explicitly allowed under this Agreement;
Use the FP service to search, tune in to or download music for individual use;
Utilize the FP service to source music that is in this manner utilized on a customer download or streaming website without earlier endorsement from Fsee Production;
use the FP service to source music for background music systems or jukeboxes without prior approval from Fsee Production;
Try not to give your secret password to some other individual or utilize some other individual's user name and password. Your user name and password is your obligation and you are exclusively liable for all activities that take place under your record;
reverse engineer, de-compile, disassemble, modify or create derivative works based on the FP application/service or any part thereof;
help anybody to or to endeavor to, reverse engineer, decompile, dismantle, change or modify, duplicate, lend, recruit, sub-permit, make subordinate works from, convey, commercially fraud or move in some other way the Fsee Production service in entire or part ;
use the FP service to distribute software viruses or other harmful programs;
rent or lease any part of the FP application/service; and
use the FP application/service in a way that violates the terms of this Agreement.
use any audio files or data from the Fsee Production. For Media service to compete commercially with Broad chart International Ltd trading as Fsee Production, or any of its subsidiaries, joint ventures or commercial partnerships.
utilize our site in any capacity or make any move that causes, or may cause, harm to the site or hindrance of the performance, accessibility or availability of the site;
utilize our site in any capacity that is unlawful, illicit, false or destructive, or regarding any unlawful, unlawful, fake or hurtful activity or purpose;
utilize our site to duplicate, store, have, transmit, send, use, distribute or circulate any material which comprises of (or is connected to) any spyware, PC virus, Trojan horse, worm, keystroke lumberjack, rootkit or different pernicious PC software ;
Conduct any orderly or mechanized information collection exercises (counting without impediment scratching, information mining, information extraction, and information gathering) on or according to our site without our express composed assent;
Accessing with our site utilizing any robot, spider or other robotized implies;
damage the mandates set out in the robots.txt document for our site; or
use information gathered from our site for any immediate promoting action (counting without confinement email marketing, SMS marketing, telemarketing and direct mailing).
You should not utilize information gathered from our site to contact people, organizations or different people or entities.
You should guarantee that all the data you provide us through our site, or comparable to our site, is valid, exact, current, complete and non-misdirecting.
Along with the abovementioned, you consent to take all sensible consideration to forestall unapproved utilization of the FP application/services and its content. For additional information regarding licensing, click here: Licensing
Advertising and use of your computer resources:
As a thought for your privileges under this Agreement, you agree that (I) FP and its partner's reserve an option to give promoting and other data to you according to other FP services, and that (ii) FP has an option to permit the FP application/service to use the processor, bandwidth and storage on your PC or other pertinent gadgets for the restricted reason for encouraging the correspondence and transmission of substance and other information or highlights to you and different clients of the FP application/service and to facilitate the activity of the network on which the FP application/service runs.

Customer support

In the event that you have any inquiries in regards to the FP application/service or this Agreement, it would be ideal if you contact FP customer support by visiting the FP site.

Term and termination

This Agreement will get compelling in relation to you when you have ticked the "I agree" box when logging in done for the FP service and will stay viable until ended by you or FP. You may drop or cancel your FP account whenever by leaving notice to FP by means of the site which will have an impact right away. This implies FP is under no commitment to discount any unexpired segment of your agreement you have just paid for. FP claims all authority to end this Agreement or suspend your FP services whenever if as we would like to think you are utilizing and/or are downloading tracks not appropriately, or there is an appropriate motivation behind why the services should be pulled back. On the off chance that FP ends this Agreement, or suspends your FP account, for any of the reasons set out in this segment, FP will have no obligation or duty to you.


The use of the FP application/services (counting however not restricted to its content) is at your own hazard. The FP application/service is given on "as is" and "as available" premise. There is no guarantee, communicated or inferred, with regards to the quality, content and accessibility or qualification for a particular motivation behind the FP application/service. What's more, FP doesn't warrant, underwrite, ensure or accept accountability for any product or service publicized or offered by the third party on or through the FP service or any hyperlinked site, or included in any pennant or other advertising. Subsequently, FP will not the slightest bit be answerable for any exchange among you and third-party suppliers of products or services promoted on or through the FP service. Likewise, with any acquisition of a product or service through any medium or in any condition, you should utilize your judgment and exercise alert where proper. No exhortation or data whether oral or written acquired by you from FP will make any guarantee for the benefit of FP in such manner.

Limitation of liability

In no occasion will FP, its affiliates, officials, executives and workers be subject for any backhanded, accidental, extraordinary or significant harms (counting however not constrained to any loss of information, service interruption, PC failure or monetary misfortune) emerging out of the utilization of or powerlessness to utilize the FP application/service (counting yet not restricted to its content), including any harms coming about because of them. Your solitary right as for any issue or dissatisfaction with the FP application/service is to suspend your FP account and abstain from utilizing the service.


You consent to indemnify and hold FP and its officials, chiefs, workers and licensors innocuous from any case or demand (counting yet not restricted to sensible lawyer charges) made by third party due to or emerging out of or identified with your infringement of the terms and conditions of this Agreement or your infringement of any laws, guidelines or third party rights.

Intellectual property:

FP regards Intellectual Property rights and anticipates that you should do likewise. It would be ideal if you note consequently that the FP Application/Service and the content gave through the FP administration is the property of FP or FP's licensors and secured by Intellectual Property Rights (counting however not constrained to copyright) and that you don't reserve an option to utilize the FP Application/Service (counting yet not restricted to its content) in any way not covered by the Agreement.
This service is a delivery service of music and is authorized as a database and database access by PRS and PPL. Separate authorizing is required for the utilization of these tracks for public performance and broadcast and it is the sole duty of the user to get these. In the event that the track is to be utilized for an explanation that requires a different permit, for instance, a synchronization, at that point extra licenses are required and is the duty of the user to acquire this permit.
Clients who have a public performance permit may likewise have database licenses included this permit. It is the clients' duty to check this and fit in with the conditions of different licenses for the utilization of sound recordings and musical works. When the tracks have been downloaded and utilized in a program that will be openly performed they ought to be erased inside 28 days of the program being transmitted except if a different database permit is acquired.
Further, you may not expel or change any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property sees contained on or gave through the FP application/service.


Fsee Production will, every once in awhile, review the utilization of the service and contrast this and projects that have been authorized to guarantee that its utilization is as per these terms, especially concerning permitting issues delineated previously.
Fsee Production will keep an eye on user’s activities as it has an obligation of care to the copyright proprietors and requires this information for music reporting and different usages. Furthermore, Fsee Production will apply an assortment of technologies to the service to guarantee the copyrights of the musical works, sound recordings, and the copyrights made by Fsee Production are not abused, taken or manhandled.

Technology limitations and modifications

FP will make reasonable efforts to keep the FP application/service operational.
Be that as it may, certain technical challenges or maintenance may, now and again, bring about impermanent interferences. FP saves the privilege whenever and occasionally to alter or cease, incidentally or for all time, functions and features of the FP application/service with or without notice.


You concur that FP has a privilege to gather and process your data as per the FP Privacy Policy.

Assignment by FP

FP has a privilege to appoint this Agreement or any part thereof without limitations.

Entire Agreement

This Agreement along with the FP Privacy Policy establishes all the Terms and Conditions settled upon among you and FP and override any earlier agreement, regardless of whether written or oral. Any extra or various terms or conditions in any written or oral correspondence from you to FP are void. You concur and acknowledge that you have not acknowledged the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement independence of or to any oral or written portrayals made by FP not contained in this Agreement.


Ought to in any way, to any degree any provision of this Agreement be held invalid or unenforceable, such shortcoming or enforceability will in no way influence or ruin or unenforceable the rest of the provisions of this Agreement and the utilization of that provisions will be authorized to the extent allowed by law.
Governing law and disputes
This Agreement will be constructed and comprehend as per the substantive laws of the United Kingdom and Pakistan. Any question, debate or case emerging out of or regarding this Agreement will be dependent upon the jurisdiction of the courts of the United Kingdom and Pakistan.
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