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Saqi Amam Janan | sufi kalam 2022 | sufiana kalam | sufi kalam in Urdu

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One of the best Sufi poetry present by fsee production .Saqi Amam Janan is the most famous sufiana urdu poetry. This poetry about Human natural life work and vey heart touching .we always bring kalams which gives us lesson in every word so please let us know in comments that how this kalam is .

গানের কথা

یہاں ہے ساقی امام جاناں
اُسی سے کرنا کلام جاناں

YahaN hai saqi amam janan
Usi se karna kalam janan

Here is the real imam
Knowing the Word to do it
جہان سارا یہ کہہ رہا ہے
سلام جاناں سلام جاناں

Jahan sara yeh kah raha hai
salam jana salam janan

The world is saying all this
Salam Saying Salam Saying
صنم کی حرمت ہے سب پہ لازم
یہ بت کدے کا نظام جاناں

Sanam ki hurmat hai sub pay lazim
yeh buat kade ka nazam janan

The sanctity of Sanam is for all
Know this idol system
یہ چشم ساقی رہے سلامت
کہ جس نے بخشا دوام جاناں

Yeh chashama saqi rahy salamat
ke jis ne bakhsha dawaam janan

These glasses are lightweight
That He who gave sustenance knows
یہ سر کٹا کے بھی سب سے اونچا
ہے عشق ایسا مقام جاناں

Yeh sar kata ke bhi sub se uncha
hai ishq aisa muqam janan

It is also the highest of the cut
Love is such a place to know

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