Mujhko Tere Sitam Na Raas Aaye Lyrics

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Hafiz Taib who is widely regarded as one of the most prominent and renowned poets of Pakistan. He rose to be a shining star on the horizons of Poetry of 20th century being composed in Pakistan. His poetry enlightened the darkened hearts. The whole world still resounds with Hafeez Taib’s.
Mujhko Tere Sitam Na Raas Aaye Lyrics

Mujhko Tere Sitam Na Raas Aaye Lyrics

مجھ کو تیرا ستم نہ راس آئے
اتنا رنگین غم نہ راس آئے

Your oppression do not suit me
Such a colourful sorrow do not suit me

میکدے ہی میں آ گئے ہوتے
جن کو دیر و حرم نہ راس آئے

They would have come to tavern
Those who are not satisfied by Haram

جو ستم کو پسند کرتے ہیں
شاید ان کو کرم نہ راس آئے

Those who like oppression
Maybe benevolence don't suit them

جس نے پی ہو تیری نگاہوں سے
اس کو پھر جامِ جم نہ راس آئے

Who drank from your eyes
(One who fall in love with you)
He doesn't need any other sight to see
(Jamshaid's cup, myth)

غیر ممکن جبینِ تائب کو
ترا نقشِ قدم نہ راس آئے

In the fate of Taib, it is difficult that
Your footsteps (your existence) don't suit him

Poetry Writer: Hafeez Taib
English Translation: Qasim Ali Kharal

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